XR in the Automotive industry?

First of all, few precisions on the new technologies in the scope of XR used in the automotive industry:

  • Augmented reality (AR) is the insertion of digital content in a real environment,
  • Virtual reality (VR) is only composed of digital content (objects and environment),
  • Mixed reality (MR) is composed of real objects and digital ones in the same reality,
  • Extended reality (XR) is a term referring to all real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables.

These technologies allow professionals and individuals in every field to have a better point of view about what they create and how they can make it evolved. Moreover, they can present their products to their clients before the purchase and thus changing the customer buying journey. It is also allowing people to anticipate actions and injuries before they can actually happen thanks to the Internet of Things (IOT).

IOT is the connexion between Internet and objects, places and physical environments. This kind of connexions enables the gathering of new data in the cloud and gives us new knowledge & type of skills such as electro techniques abilities for new smartphone engineering.

Nowadays, industries are more and more attracted by the use of IOT to control their machines and their production at the same time.

Take a look at the automotive sector! Thanks to these new technologies, the car visualisation before its production is now possible!

Product personalization- motor show

Over the last century, we have seen more and more automotive constructors offering a way to personalize your car with options and more recently with the uprising of online car configurators. To confirm our statements, we went on the website of Peugeot to configure a Peugeot 308 to see if we could personalize a car and yes, we can choose various parameters for the car.

If you want to try the experience, here’s the link:

You can also visit others car constructors’ websites to experience car configurators.


The purpose of the automotive constructors is to create a new user experience by giving them the possibility to configure their cars.

For example, at the Geneva Motor Show, the automotive industry proposed various experiences such as VR configuration of a car (by choosing the colours, etc) or the experience to be in the car by sitting in a chair with a VR headset. The VR is omnipresent in motor shows because of the user experience evolution.

Visitors, during these events, need to be impressed by a constructor to become a potential client.


In LA auto show, Jaguar offered an interior car visit with VR headset:

Since their emergence to the public in the 90’s, the virtual, augmented and mixed realities have put themselves at the service of individuals and companies. Thanks to those technologies, companies are saving time and money.

For example, they permit a time-gain to automotive companies with mixed reality allowing to visualize a car without actually having to produce it before. It also allows to present products to their client during motor shows as seen previously. This avoid the production of a car with errors or defects and so having to do it again to correct these. In this case, it’s expensive in terms of time and in terms of money.

Check out our car configurators :

What is the augmented immersive catalogue?

Augmented reality has become a major feature of digital marketing trends in recent years. For what reason? Because this technology not only allows the consumer or visitor to literally plunge into the world of the brand or product, but also to face the challenges of experiential marketing.

Furthermore, according to The Drum media, augmented reality can capture people’s attention for more than 85 seconds, increase interaction rates by +20% and improve click rates in the shopping process by 33%.

And in commerce, an essential tool is the subject of attention of many marketers and especially sellers: the catalogue. Associated with AR, we will speak of an immersive and/or augmented catalogue.

What do we mean when we talk about an augmented catalogue?

Often associated with augmented reality or 3D data, an augmented catalogue is an application for tablets and/or smartphones that uses the codes of a conventional print catalogue, which means visualizing and presenting the products. It is an important point of contact in the purchasing & customer journey.

It is presented in 2 ways:

  • As an application with the ability to virtually visualize products in real life using AR technology.
  • Synchronized with the print catalogue, the integrated technology will enable augmented reality content to be sent to a smartphone or connected tablet.