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  • Image Virtual showrooms: the sales tool to boost business?

    Virtual showrooms: the sales tool to boost business?

    Linking sales & presentation support, and interactivity is now possible with virtual showrooms! As opposed as the 3D, the 2D environment provides a limited global experience and cannot give enough insurance for the decision-making. Born from the meeting of the physical and the digital, they are THE solution when viewing products at the physical sales’ […]

  • Image How did the pandemic act as a driver for technological adaptation?

    How did the pandemic act as a driver for technological adaptation?

    The context of the global pandemic – COVID-19 – has brutally shaped our lives in a new way. As a result, the virus has made a major contribution to the development  of technology to prepare the future society.

  • Image VR in Marketing & Communication

    VR in Marketing & Communication

    Communication & Marketing are the key for the sales of every products. Associated with VR (Virtual Reality), it’s more than efficient! Now affordable for everybody, VR technology is used for advertising and presenting products during fairs.

  • Image How can ergonomic simulation improve work conditions?

    How can ergonomic simulation improve work conditions?

    Ergonomic simulation with the help of Virtual Reality applications can help companies improve their employees’ work conditions and productivity process enhancement. Let’s see how can ergonomics improve work conditions.

  • Image XR in the Automotive industry?

    XR in the Automotive industry?

    Nowadays, industries are more and more attracted by the use of IOT to control their machines and their production at the same time. Take a look at the automotive sector! Thanks to these new technologies, the car visualisation before its production is now possible!

  • Image What is haptic technology?

    What is haptic technology?

    Today, the search for an even more immersive experience takes precedence over everyone’s expectations. At the core of these issues, haptic technology could be one of the elements that will disrupt the boundaries between the virtual and the reality and an influence on the degree of immersion.