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  • Image How can VR invade the health system?

    How can VR invade the health system?

    VR and AR have conquered more and more lines of business over the last past year. And today we will write about VR and AR among the health system. The healthcare area began to use the VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) a few years ago, to help cure stress problems or schizophrenic behaviour. […]

  • Image VR in Marketing & Communication

    VR in Marketing & Communication

    Communication & Marketing are the key for the sales of every products. Associated with VR (Virtual Reality), it’s more than efficient! Just a short reminder about what is VR: Virtual Reality immerses users in a fully artificial digital world/environment. Marketing uses all technologies possible at its disposal different from its standards like newspapers or posters […]

  • Image Remote Collaboration in VR with INTERACT

    Remote Collaboration in VR with INTERACT

      As technologies evolve, communication becomes simpler, more instantaneous and more efficient, leading to the development of new communication tools: cloud services, video conferencing applications, instant messaging etc. Today, with the democratization of these tools in the workplace, new collaborative work solutions have been developed, such as teleworking, whose benefits have been proven many times […]

  • Image How is Immersive Learning transforming the educational and training landscape?

    How is Immersive Learning transforming the educational and training landscape?

    It is clear that new technologies are constantly revolutionizing the practices and habits of different sectors. The democratization of the Internet, interactive whiteboards and many other tools have begun the first digital transformation in the field of education. Today, Immersive Learning is on the verge of its second transformation.