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  • Image Industry 4.0 for a better future?

    Industry 4.0 for a better future?

    The industry 4.0 corresponds to a new revolution with a smarter industry, defined by the interconnexion of machines and systems and on production sites but also outside, with clients, other productions sites and partners. It connects a physical object with a digital one or with a digital device. One key notion of the industry 4.0 […]

  • Image XR in the Automotive industry?

    XR in the Automotive industry?

    First of all, few precisions on the new technologies in the scope of XR used in the automotive industry: Augmented reality (AR) is the insertion of digital content in a real environment, Virtual reality (VR) is only composed of digital content (objects and environment), Mixed reality (MR) is composed of real objects and digital ones […]

  • Image Remote Collaboration in VR with INTERACT

    Remote Collaboration in VR with INTERACT

      As technologies evolve, communication becomes simpler, more instantaneous and more efficient, leading to the development of new communication tools: cloud services, video conferencing applications, instant messaging etc. Today, with the democratization of these tools in the workplace, new collaborative work solutions have been developed, such as teleworking, whose benefits have been proven many times […]

  • Image What is haptic technology?

    What is haptic technology?

    Today, the search for an even more immersive experience takes precedence over everyone’s expectations, and the human experience is privileged over information. At the core of these issues, haptic technology could be one of the elements that will disrupt the boundaries between the virtual and the reality and will have an influence on the degree […]