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  • Image What is the OnDemand solution?

    What is the OnDemand solution?

    Introduction   More and more clients wanted to have a preview of the product they are buying before “truly” having and seeing it. This trend can explain the appearance of more and more configurators on automotive or glasses companies’ websites for example, that allows users to configurate their vehicle or glasses via their screen or webcam.     But what is « On Demand » […]

  • Image AR filters: New Eldorado of Expression for Brands

    AR filters: New Eldorado of Expression for Brands

    Skyrocketed by social networks such as Snapchat and Instagram, AR filters have become a mainstream phenomenon and a trend that many brands are surfing in order to expand their channels of expression. If nowadays Augmented Reality has become more and more democratized, the adoption of filters associated with this technology has been increasing and are […]

  • Image What is the augmented immersive catalogue?

    What is the augmented immersive catalogue?

    Augmented reality has become a major feature of digital marketing trends in recent years. For what reason? Because this technology not only allows the consumer or visitor to literally plunge into the world of the brand or product, but also to face the challenges of experiential marketing. Furthermore, according to The Drum media, augmented reality […]