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Scope and challenges:

  • Offer an effective way to improve sales of verandas on the move for potential customers.
  • User-friendly and mobile tool.
  • This method enables customers to project themselves into their future veranda (fully configurable).


L&S Solution and Realization:

Realization of an iPad application in different modules to meet the entire customer journey:

  • Step by step design module to build the veranda.
  • Physico-Realistic image configurator to visualize the differences between two types of glazing.
  • Module of Augmented reality to display the veranda designed on the customer’s home.
  • Customer database management.

Construction and AR module

AR Navigation

Project database and Acoustic module

Catalogue module

Airbus Helicopters

Scope and challenges:

  • Pre-sales (Interactive catalog): Offer a new sales experience at a trade fair thanks to a high-quality interactive configuration which highlights all options and paint schemes.
  • From physical models to an innovative way to see the H160 through a virtual world, or more precisely, Virtual Reality (VR).
  • The creation of visual supports to show the VIP configurations of the H160 until the printout of the display that includes the client’s painting scheme within 24 hours.
  • To provide a common mean of communication at Airbus Helicopters.