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Renault Training of industrial robots in VR

The design of production lines and the launch of new robotic processes are a challenge for industries that involve the support of many business experts. Offline programming and implementation tools (OLP) for robots and PLCs help to accelerate the design processes by ensuring several iterations.

The INTERACT platform supports this process by giving the opportunity to simulate a production line in advance, program the trajectories of industrial robots and ensure the safety of operators. This tool is used by Renault to design its new production lines.


Build and live immersive experiences in no time

INTERACT is based on Unity and is known as a powerful platform for creating advanced mixed reality apps directly from your CAD models. Its high accuracy physics engine provides complex simulations, including detection of rigid and flexible body collisions on CAD / Cloud Point, ergonomic analysis, extra-large point cloud visualization, on any VR/AR configuration.


Follow these steps to use INTERACT:


1. Download the software and its documentation following the links hereunder.

2. Import the Unitypackage into your Unity project.

3. Once done, in Unity, go under INTERACT > License Manager.

4. Fill in the form to  request your licenses.

5. Once approved, you can install your licenses in the same menu.

6. You are ready to use INTERACT!