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Arena VR

The decision-making process related to flows, ergonomics, training or just anticipating the development of a production line can be difficult and expensive, and thus inefficient or at least be improved.
Therefore, we established partnerships with Techteam, a consulting firm in order to develop an innovative way for building the future industry: ARENA VR.

We use two efficient tools:


*ARENA, a process modelling and simulation software from Rockwell Automation

*INTERACT, our powerful platform for creating advanced mixed reality apps.


Combined, they enable you to better understand your processes through a 3D visit to your facilities, visualize your production flows on a 1/1 scale, and update your visual visit for a first-class VR experience with live inventory information and real time logistic flows.

3D visit of your facility

Get live insights on your production line and your logistic flows

Point clouds

A golden opportunity for traveling and exploring

INTERACT is mainly used by digital imaging and 3D laser scanning companies to explore industrial, historical or cultural sites in virtual reality. INTERACT is the only platform which includes and visualizes large 3D scans (billions of points). This may be a way to join CAD models and 3D scans through a simulation to perform collision and interference simulations.


If you want to know more about this project or have a custom project of your own: book a call with us here!