Light and Shadows contributes to the digital transformation of companies by providing innovative hardware and software for the improvement of design processes, industrial performance and training of employees. As a matter of fact, our company is known as a key driver of Factory 4.0 and it made up of a skilled staff including experts, PhDs and engineers who acquired an in-depth knowledge of the industry. We try our best to meet your needs by providing solutions through the development of new digital technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Furthermore, our purpose is to help you in the use of our tools and ensure the training of your employees, so that they can become familiar with these innovative and technological tools. Light and Shadows also achieved a significant number of successes in many industries, especially in the aircraft, automotive, rail, nuclear and shipbuilding sectors. Therefore, our company sells INTERACT development platform that will enable you to create advanced virtual and augmented reality applications from your digital model.