Experience your PointCloud

Head in your PointCloud

XR PointCloud is a standalone application (non-customizable) which allows to visualize and interact with your Pointcloud files in Virtual Reality (VR). This application is available alone or within the XR Twin application.

XR Paintcloud_Box_LS



This application allows you to import your PointCloud data, insert it in one of our several available environments and then, prepare your simulation. You can simulate your scene to see if modifications are required.


XR PointCloud is the only application in the world that enables you to visualize and interact with a pointcloud with more than 5 billion points in a VR headset !


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New Dynamics for Ergonomics

A Better Visualisation for a Better Evaluation

XR Ergo is a standalone application (non-customizable) which allows process designers, ergonomists and operators to discuss workstation designs and evaluate postures and working conditions in a design phase thanks to VR simulations with motion capture.