No Paint, More Gain

Paint to Infinity (and beyond!)

XR PAINT is a standalone application for training and evaluating your Virtual and Real abilities in industrial painting.


This application was developed in order to recruit and/or train industrial painters in a short amount of time and in a cost efficiency ambition (sparing paint and material).

The software allows you to create painting simulation scenes by considering the following parameters: speed, paint thickness, angle, precision, etc. The aim is to use Virtual Reality (VR) to validate the candidate’s or trainee’s gestures and techniques.


Our goal was to provide an experience more than immersive: realistic !


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New Dynamics for Ergonomics

A Better Visualisation for a Better Evaluation

XR Ergo is a standalone application (non-customizable) which allows process designers, ergonomists and operators to discuss workstation designs and evaluate postures and working conditions in a design phase thanks to VR simulations with motion capture.