New Dynamics for Ergonomics

A Better Visualisation for a Better Evaluation

XR Ergo is a standalone application (non-customizable) which allows process designers, ergonomists and operators to discuss workstation designs and evaluate postures and working conditions in a design phase thanks to VR simulations with motion capture.

This application is available alone or within the XR TWIN application (See more).

XR ERGO allows you to import your data (PointCloud, 3D data) and then, prepare your simulation. You can simulate your scene with ergonomics evaluation, a cotation table and trackers reception, to see if you can modify the evaluated object (or workstation) to make it more ergonomic-compliant. It enables you to check, at the same time, the avatar movements and the ergonomics of each body parts. You can quickly modify your scenario and Replay it to check if your solution is working.


Simplicity for Your Reality

XR Twin is a standalone application (non-customizable) which allows you to visualize and interact with your 3D CAD models in Virtual Reality (VR).

The application is Plug & Play : download the software and you can start using it instantly!

XR Twin allows you to prepare your simulation by importing the files you need. It can be 3D CAD models or PointCloud files. You can, then, simulate your scene, elaborate scenarios and even operate ergonomics evaluation using a cotation table simultaneously. It enables you to check, at the same time, the avatar movements and its ergonomics analysis.

You can even Replay your scene, thing you cannot do in another VR applications. Other uses include building training scenario, product and design review, and much more.