PR – A new major entrepreneur invests into LS’ capital

The company welcomes among its shareholders a major entrepreneur in business consulting. Thanks to his action, the capital increase will enable Light And Shadows to strengthen its team and to support its growth.

Suresnes, the 12/03/2019,

Light And Shadows, a mixed reality and immersive solutions company, confirms its growth for its 10th anniversary by bringing a new private investor into its capital and strengthening its strategic partnerships.

The capital invested will allow Light And Shadows to strengthen its teams, with the aim of reaching a workforce of 60 people by the end of 2020, to support its growth and to develop its array of software solutions allowing it to access immersive technologies independently.

Global solutions for mixed reality and industry.

Founded in 2009 by Stéphane Imbert, initially to meet the PSA Group’s needs to create an internet configurator based on virtual images, Light And Shadows now has real expertise in mixed reality solutions, mainly for the industrial sector.

« We provide our customers with the opportunity to realistically visualize and interact with their products throughout the lifecycle with immersive solutions. This means they have the keys to meet their design, process, training and marketing optimization needs. » explains Stéphane Imbert, founder of Light And Shadows.
« To a greater extent, our products and services make it possible to meet the challenges of industrialists concerned about their competitiveness, such as reducing costs, reducing lead times and optimizing productivity. Our solutions are always adapted to their market and comply with their needs: training and assistance for operators, innovative project review solutions, creation of sales and communication materials, etc. »

A software focus: XR SUITE.

One of Light And Shadows‘ objectives is to make its clients as independent as possible for the construction of virtual reality projects. With the XR SUITE, the company is developing a suite of software based on the power of the Unity engine : Light And Shadows offers its clients the possibility of building its own XR (immersive) scenes, from design review, test and validation simulations to training scenarios and serious games. Everything is “code-free”, accessible to anyone and with the main goal to put the human back in the center of the decision-making process.

Among others, those are the use cases permitted by the XR SUITE to:

  • Create one’s own scenario for design review;
    Visualize a production line before it has been built;
    Analyze the ergonomics of a work station;
    Visualize a pointcloud and interact with,
    « Translate » an existing situation in virtual reality, exploiting the potential of the digital twin;
    Explore a location without having to be physically present ;
    Test operations or facilities before implementing them.


With the integration of the CEA List‘s XDE Physical Engine, the softwares of the XR SUITE makes it possible to create accurate and accurate physical simulations such as kinematics or collisions, ergonomic analyses or assembly line simulations with its robotics module.

« Many companies such as Alstom, Safran, Naval Group and Michelin have trusted us and integrated softwares from the XR SUITE, wether it is INTERACT, XR TWIN, XR ERGO, XR POINT CLOUD or XR PAINT into their processes. » concludes Stéphane Imbert.

About Light And Shadows.

Light And Shadows was created in 2009 par Stéphane Imbert, with the will to help the different stakeholders of the industrial sector with their project in virtual, augmented or mixed reality, with various uses such as training, design, conception, logistic simulation or marketing.

With key account such as ArcelorMittal, Airbus Group, Airbus Helicopters, Alstom, Chanel, Christian Dior Parfum, Dassault Aviation, Faurecia, Haulotte, Krups, Mobilier de France, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Saint-Gobain, Unity Technologies, Volkswagen or Vinci, Light and Shadows quickly became a leader on its market and area of expertise.

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How can VR invade the health system?

VR and AR have conquered more and more lines of business over the last past year. And today we will write about VR and AR among the health system.

The healthcare area began to use the VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) a few years ago, to help cure stress problems or schizophrenic behaviour. The healthcare environment is always looking for new advanced technologies in order to make its research evolution effective. For example:

  • Light&Shadows just released the XR SUITE in which they are developing a new application : XR ERGO which allows ergonomists to visualize workstations ergonomics through a real person (equipped with trackers) at its workstation or at a virtual one with an avatar.
  • The company c2Care developed applications for each kind of problems such as progressively immerging the patient to face his phobia or trying to lower his/her stress rate thanks to the immersion. But it is not the only possible way for the Virtual Reality to impact the field.