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VR interactions

VR Menu

The VR Menu is a set of runtime tools that can be accessed while playing a simulation in virtual reality and offering design reviews features. The VR Menu can be opened by pressing the menu button on the VR controllers (see controller inputs).

The VR menu contains two tabs: toolbox and settings.


The Toolbox contains the following features:

Tools Description
Cross section Create a cutting plane attached to the controller.
Photo Takes pictures in VR (all screenshots will be stored in the ‘Screenshots’ folder).
Marker Draw/write notes in VR.
Laser Grab Allow the user to grab objects from distance.
Measure Measures the distance between two points in space.
Grab Allow the user to grab objects with the avatar's hands (default tool).


In the settings tab you can:

Setting Description
Navigation mode Select your favorite Navigation mode: Teleport or Fly mode.
Calibrate Height To update the Height of the avatar according to the current headset position.

Interacting with menu

Simply point to an item and click on the trigger using the laser pointer.

Using the bottom button will allow you to move the menu in the scene and place it where you want.

You can switch hands currently using the tools. The other hand can be used to teleport, or retake control of the active feature.

VR Navigation

Two navigations are available when using the VR Player.


Teleport is the default navigation mode when starting the simulation. To teleport your player:

  1. Press your controller's button or joystick to throw the laser.
  2. Select your desired landing position.
  3. Use the trigger to teleport to desired spot.


To switch to fly mode in runtime, open the settings Tab in the VR Menu and click on the Navigation Mode button to switch from Teleport to Fly mode (toggle button).

  • Go forward or backward by using your controller's joystick/pad up or down.
  • Orient your controller towards your desired position to choose the fly direction indicated by a blue arrow.


To rotate the Player in runtime, use the joystick or touch pad of your controller devices (left vs right).

VR controllers

These are the default bindings for the following controllers:

Actions HTC Vive Pro HTC Vive Focus 3 Oculus Quest
Grab a part Trigger Trigger Trigger
Throw ray to teleport (show/hide) Thumb pad click Thumbstick click Thumbstick click
Teleport the Player Trigger Trigger Trigger
Move forward or backward in Fly navigation Thumb pad up/down Thumbstick scroll up/down Thumbstick scroll up/down
Rotate the Player Thumb pad left/right Thumbstick scroll left/right Thumbstick scroll left/right
Open VR Menu Menu button Buttons A (right controller) or X (left controller) Buttons A (right controller) or X (left controller)
Select items in VR Menu Trigger Trigger Trigger

HTC Vive Pro controller

  • 1: Menu button
  • 2: Thumb pad
  • 7: Trigger

HTC Vive Focus 3 controllers

  • 2: Thumbstick
  • 5: A button
  • 8: X button
  • 11: Trigger

Oculus Quest controllers