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VR in XR Twin

Configuring VR

XR Twin offers immersive Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities, allowing users to experience simulations in a fully immersive environment. Here's how to access VR mode and make the most of your VR experience in XR Twin.

To simulate your XR Twin scene in Virtual Reality you must configure a VR user and use a compatible VR headset. The default VR player uses your headset VR controllers to track hands position and interact with objects. With your controllers you can interact with physicalized parts, navigate in your virtual scene and use VR menu.

Accessing VR Mode:

1. Ensure VR Setup: Before entering VR mode, ensure that your VR headset is properly set up and connected to your computer. Launch SteamVR and ensure that room calibration is correct.

2. Launch XR Twin: Open the XR Twin software on your computer.

3. Open your project: Select the project you want to experience in VR and click Open project.

4. Enter Editor Mode: Ensure that the project is prepared and optimized for VR usage. At mimina, switch for a VR user in the Add User popup and make any necessary adjustments or preparations to the scene.


5. Enter VR Mode: Once you're ready to experience the simulation in VR, click on the "Start" button. It will start the simulation, allowing you to immerse yourself in the virtual environment thought your headset.

Compatible VR Headsets

XR Twin is compatible with a variety of VR headsets, offering users flexibility and choice in their VR experience. Some popular VR headsets compatible with XR Twin include:

  • HTC VIVE Pro and VIVE Focus: Known for their high-quality visuals and immersive experiences, the HTC VIVE Pro and VIVE Focus offer precise tracking and comfortable design for extended VR sessions. The Vive Focus can be used tethered to the computer or wireless (using Vive Business Streaming).
  • Oculus Rift (S): The Oculus Rift series, including the Rift S, provides seamless integration with XR Twin, offering users an immersive VR experience with precise tracking and intuitive controls.
  • Meta Quest 1, 2 & 3 (using Quest link) With Meta Quest headsets, users can enjoy wireless VR experiences and easily connect to XR Twin using Quest Link for a seamless VR experience.
  • Varjo XR-3: Offering unparalleled visual fidelity and accuracy, the Varjo XR-3 headset delivers a premium VR experience ideal for professional applications and simulations.

  • Windows Mixed Reality Headsets: Produced by various manufacturers, Windows Mixed Reality headsets offer a range of options for VR experiences with features like inside-out tracking and comfortable design.

By supporting a wide range of VR headsets, XR Twin ensures that users can choose the headset that best suits their needs and preferences while enjoying a seamless VR experience in their virtual environments.