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Start simulation

To initiate a simulation in XR Twin, follow these steps:

1. Open Project

Open your XR Twin project you want to simulate. Ensure that the project is prepared and ready for simulation.

2. Editor Mode

Before starting the simulation, ensure you are in Editor Mode. In Editor Mode, the physics simulation is off, you have complete freedom to modify the scene, add objects, and adjust properties as needed.

3. Start Simulation

Once you've prepared the scene in Editor Mode, click on the "Start" button. This action switches the XR Twin environment to Simulation Mode.

4. Simulation Mode

In Simulation Mode, scene modification is disabled, and objects behave according to physics laws. You can interact with the simulation and observe the behavior of objects in the virtual environment.

5. Stop Simulation

To stop the simulation, click on the "Stop" button. This action resets object positions and returns the environment to Editor Mode, allowing for further editing and refinement.