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Record simulation

To record a simulation in XR Twin, follow these steps:

1. Start simulation

Begin the simulation process following the steps outlined in the Start Simulation section. Once the simulation is running in Simulation Mode, you can start recording the session.

2. Record simulation

Click on the "Record" button in the top bar to start recording the simulation. This action captures the actions and interactions within the virtual environment.

3. Monitor recording

While the simulation is being recorded, "Record" button become red and display time. So you can monitor the progress and duration of the recording.

4. Stop recording

When you're ready to end the recording, click on the red button. This action finalizes the recording process.

5. Save recording

After stopping the recording, XRTwin automatically saves the recording in the project folder.

6. Watching your records

You can access and watch your records at any time by navigating to the XR Twin Launcher interface. From there, select your project and, at the right, under REPLAY (if records are available), click the Watch button. The Replay popup displays information for each available record (Date, Duration and a free description). Select the record you wish to review and click on the corresponding Watch button.

7. Edit your record

In Replay Mode, you can playback and analyze the recorded simulation for future reference or sharing with others: Clic Play/Pause to manage your playback. Click Activity to split a task and give it a name. To view ergonomics, select the User (at the left, in the Working Tree). At the right, in ERGO section, global RULA scores are displayed (click Show details to display member-by-member quotations). You can indicate the weight carried for each hand (kg).

8. Save your changes

If you have made any changes, remember to update the recording file regularly. Use Save in the Project menu.