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Your first project

At this stage everything is installed and you are now ready to create your first XR Twin project.

The user interface starts with the Project Launcher view that is the project administration view. You can manage all your XR Twin projects, create, archive, share and collaborate with your team.

Creating a project

To create a new project from the Project Launcher:


  • Click on the New project button in the left side panel. A new project will appear in the list of projects.

  • Complete the project's information in the right panel (Title, Author, Description).

  • Open your project by clicking on the Open project button in the bottom-right corner.

Project Information

Filling in project information is advised in order to facilitate project management. To Edit project information, click on the Screenshot button in the right panel.


  • Project name: name your project accordingly.
  • Author: person creating or modifying the project.
  • Created on: project creation date.
  • Last modified on: date of last modification.
  • Description: text field allowing you to add valuable information on the project.
  • Version: you can assign a project version number (e.g. after each project milestone or major modification).

Customizing project image

The project thumbnail is automatically generated upon saving your project. You can force your own thumbnail by clicking on '...' and Edit project thumbnail in the bottom-right corner of the project image.

Project administration

The context menu can be accessed by clicking on '...' as shown in the image below.


  • Edit project thumbnail: change your project preview image.
  • Edit project information: modify project information (also accessible from the property panel).
  • Duplicate: will create a copy (clone) of your project along with all assets and dependencies.
  • Export: will create an .xrproj file in the chosen folder. You can now share this project with your other XR Twin users.
  • Archive: will create an .xrproj file (archive) in the chosen folder and delete the project from the XR Twin interface. Use this command when you are done working on a project and want to store the archive.
  • Delete: will delete the project and its assets.

To import an existing project in XR Twin (from an archive or another XR Twin user):

  • Click on the Import project button and select the .xrproj file that you want to import in the Project Launcher.


Tips and best practices

It is highly recommended to duplicate your projects. By creating backups, you can easily revert to previous versions if modifications are needed or if unexpected issues arise. Duplicating projects ensures that you have a safety net and can avoid potential data loss or setbacks.