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License Activation

License Types

A license is required to run XR Twin. We offer two types of license models : Node-Locked and Floating/Server.

  • A Node-locked license is a single users license model. The license is bound to one specific computer (node), and cannot be released to be used on a different one.
  • A Floating license offers greater flexibility when you have more than one computer needing access. The models requires the implementation of a license server that will administrate the distribution of XRTwin licenses (tokens) among users. When a user closes XRTwin, the license is released back to the server.

For large deployments

Floating licenses are only recommended if your company has a centralized IT team to manage and maintain the license server. For more information on how to install an XR Twin license server, please feel free to contact us.

Installing a Node-locked license

After purchasing XR Twin, you will get a product key (ex. J673-6DSX-H7EJ-J3SV-A9B6-K6PE-FWTO). Depending on your Internet connection, please use one of the following activation modes:

  • Online mode: your computer is connected to Internet.
  • Offline mode: your computer is not connected to Internet (for example your company blocks internet connection on your computer).

Online activation

If your computer is connected to internet, follow this procedure to activate a Node-locked license:

  1. Once you receive your license key, you can go to the License tab and choose Machine (Node-locked) license.


  2. Enter your key - and click on activate. Your license status will change from Inactive to Active:


If you need to update your current license because it has expired or is missing a token, you will need to click on the Update button.


The Uninstall button is used when migrating a node-locked license from one computer to another. This procedure should be done with our supervision (a license can be released only once).

Offline activation

If your computer is NOT connected to internet (for example your company blocks Internet connection on your computer), follow this procedure to activate a Node-locked license:

  1. In XR Twin, open the License Tab.
  2. Click on Machine (Node-locked) license
  3. Enter your key. Do NOT click Activate.
  4. Expand "No internet connection ? Use manual activation".
  5. Click on Generate license request button.

This will generate a license "ActivationRequest.xml" file. Drag and drop this file in the field below (or click Load license activation button and browse) and click Activate license file.

Activation widget

Drag your xml activation request file here

File loaded :

You should obtain a signed xml file that will be used to validate the license. If this is not working, send the activation request file to so we can help you solve the issue.

  1. Click on Load license activation in XR Twin License Tab and select the signed file
  2. Your license status will change from Inactive to Active.

Installing a Floating license

If your company has an XR Twin license server and your computer can access it, follow this procedure to retrieve an XRTwin token from the server:

  1. Go to the License tab and choose Floating license.

  2. Enter the IP address and port of your license server and clic on Connect Firstopenxrtwin

  3. When closing XR Twin, the license token will automatically be released to the license server.

For large deployment, you can preconfigure the IP address and port for a configuration file

If a configuration file (License.xml) is found in C:/ProgramData/LSGROUP/XRTwin or C:/Users/username/AppData/LocalLow/LSGROUP/XRTwin then XRTwin will automatically connect to the license server with the IP address and port specified in the xml file.