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Configure Leap Motion

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The Leap Motion Controller is an optical hand tracking module that captures the movements of your hands.

Compatibility with XR Twin

To enable the Leap Motion, you must have the Leap Motion Orion driver. You can download it here.


Gemini 5.X version is not supported by XR Twin.

Check Leap Motion configuration

In order to check that your Leap Motion is correctly working, you can use the Leap Motion Visualizer tool. To open it, right click on the Leap Motion icon in the Windows task bar:

When working, the Leap Motion Visualizer displays hand skeletons on top of your hands:

Setup a Leap Motion User in XR Twin

  • Open the project you want to explore with Leap Motion.
  • In Add User popup (Project>Add User...), select a VR User.
  • Click on silhouette's hands, select Leap Motion hand tracking as below and click Add user to scene to apply and close the popup.

  • Launch your simulation (Start button) and move your hands in front of the Leap Motion to experience hand tracking:

Congratulation, you are ready to use your Leap Motion with XR Twin.