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Join group session (guest)

To join a group session in XR Twin as a guest, follow these steps.

NOTA: If you are the organizer of the collaborative session, see Host.

1. Receive Session Information

Obtain the session ID and password (if applicable) from the Host who initiated the group session. The Host will provide this information to allow you to join the session.

2. Launch XR Twin

Open the XR Twin software on your device.

3. Ensure Project is up to date

Make sure you've imported the latest version of the project file (.xrproj) sent by the Host into XR Twin. This ensures that you have access to the simulation environment used in the group session. Click here to find out how to import a project.

Do not modify the imported file. Any modifications may prevent you from starting the simulation.

4. Join Group Session

Look for the option to join a group session within the XR Twin Launcher interface.

5. Log-in Information

When joining a group session in XR Twin, you need to enter the Session ID and password, if any, sent to you by the session organizer (the Host). You have also the option to configure your username and the device you vant to use.

  • Session ID & Password: Enter the session ID provided by the Host into the designated field. If the session requires a password, enter it as well.

To configure your user settings:

  • Username: You can change your username if necessary. By default, it's usually set to the name of your Windows session. This Username will be displayed on the top of your avatar in the session.
  • Device: You can select your preferred device type for the session: Desktop or VR. This choice determines your interaction mode within the virtual environment. You can change it later, in the Lobby.

After configuring the session, click on Join session button to join the Lobby.

6. Join the Lobby

Once inside the Lobby as Guest, you'll wait for the Host to start the session. In Lobby popup, you can chat with the other participants and change your appearance and device.

  • Chat: Feel free to send chat messages readable by all participants. Type your text and click on the send icon . See Chat.
  • Audio: In XR Twin, the audio feature facilitates real-time communication among participants. See Audio.

To change color and device as Guest, click on the menu icon .

  • Choose Device: While in the Lobby, you have the option to change your device selection between Desktop and VR. This allows you to adapt your settings based on your available hardware or preferences.
  • Choose Color: Additionally, you can customize your experience by changing the color of your user avatar. This helps distinguish between different participants and enhances visual clarity during collaboration. Each participant can change his or her own color.

7. Wait for Host

Once in the Lobby, wait for the Host to start the session. You'll be notified when the session begins.

8. Begin Collaboration

After the session has started and all participants have joined, you can begin collaborating in real-time within the shared virtual environment. Follow the instructions provided by the Host to participate effectively and collaborate on the objectives of the session through the chat.

As Guest you are an observer of the scene, you cannot interact with objects. Only the Host has this privilege.

9. End Session

When the collaboration session is complete, follow the Host's instructions for ending the session. Exiting the session will get you back to the XR Twin project launcher.