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Create group session (host)

To initiate a group session in XR Twin as Host, follow these steps:

1. Choose Simulation Project

Launch XR Twin and select the simulation project that you want to share with other users. Ensure that the project is prepared and ready for collaborative use, and that it works correctly in a solo session.

2. Export Project

Before creating the group session, export the project. This ensures that all participants have access to the exact same simulation file. Click here to find out how to export a project.

3. Send Project to Participants

Share the exported project file (.xrproj) with the participants. You can send it via email, filesharing services, or any other preferred method.

!!! warning Ensure that all participants, including yourself as the Host, are using the exact same simulation file. Any deviation in the simulation file will lead to failure in starting the group session.

4. Choose Project in Launcher

Within the XR Twin Launcher, select the simulation project that you want to use for the group session.

5. Create Group Session

Click on the Create group session button at the bottom right in the XR Twin Launcher interface.

6. Session Configuration

When creating a group session in XR Twin, you have the option to configure user settings in the Session login configuration popup.

To configure your user settings:

  • Session ID: A session ID will be generated automatically in the next step.

  • Password: Optionally, add a password for the session if desired. This option will be active soon (not active in version 24.1.1).

  • Username: You can change your username if necessary. By default, it's usually set to the name of your Windows session. This Username will be displayed on the top of your avatar in the session.

  • Device: You can select your preferred device type for the session: Desktop or VR. This choice determines your interaction mode within the virtual environment. You can change it later, in the Lobby.

After configuring the session, click on Create session button.

7. Generate Session ID

A session ID will be generated. Click the Join lobby button to join the Lobby and wait for other participants to join.

8. Joining the Lobby

Once inside the lobby as Host, you can wait for your Guests to join the session. In Lobby popup, you can chat with them, send session information (ID and password), change your appearance and device. You can copy the session ID and password (if applicable) and send it to participants to join. They can use this information to access the session from their devices (see Join group session as guest).

  • Session ID and Password: Each guest must use these two pieces of information to join the session.
  • Copy: Click on the copy icon to copy Session ID and password to the clipboard.
  • Send: Click on the send icon to open a mailto in your default mail client.
  • Project: Name and date of the sharing project.
  • Chat: Feel free to send chat messages readable by all participants. Type your text and click on the send icon . See Chat.
  • Audio: In XR Twin, the audio feature facilitates real-time communication among participants. See Audio.

  • To change color and device as Host, click on the menu icon .

    • Choose Device: While in the Lobby, you have the option to change your device selection between Desktop and VR. This allows you to adapt your settings based on your available hardware or preferences.

    • Choose Color: Additionally, you can customize your guests experience by changing the color of your user avatar within the lobby interface. This helps distinguish between different participants and enhances visual clarity during collaboration. Each participant can change his or her own color.

9. Begin Collaboration

Once all participants have joined the session, you can begin collaborating in realtime within the shared virtual environment by clicking on Start session.

As Host you have the privilege to interact with objects, other participants are viewers only.

10. End Session

When the collaboration session is complete, you can choose to end the session by clicking on Stop Session.

Ending the session will close access to the simulation for all participants.