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Release Notes

XRTwin 24.1.0 (May. 2024)

New features

  • COLLAB Start or join a multi-user session from the project launcher
  • COLLAB Added lobby to administer session participants, configure VR devices, and set names and colors
  • COLLAB Added voice and text chat functionality
  • COLLAB During sessions, synchronize object and avatar positions among participants
  • COLLAB Option to select audio microphone and speaker devices, display microphone volume indicator
  • COLLAB Display the label with the username above the avatar during the session


  • PHYSICS Upgraded physics engine
  • POINT CLOUD Upgraded point cloud importer
  • EDITOR Improved load and save speed (x2)
  • EDITOR Prevent the user from closing the software when a task is in progress
  • EDITOR Display error message when the physical server is not responding.
  • EDITOR Hover effect on all icons
  • EDITOR Added animation on progress bar to show that the software is not frozen
  • SCENARIO Enhanced user interface of scenario builder
  • LIBRARY When loading a library element, ask whether to replace the selected object or not
  • LIBRARY Library object now saves object visibility status


  • CAD Transparency now correctly applied on imported 3D files
  • POINT CLOUD Fixed issue with point cloud color not being saved
  • EDITOR Fixed regression on move origin feature
  • SCENARIO Fixed issue where part ghosts were sometimes not displayed
  • SCENARIO Possibility to deactivate scenario action
  • SCENARIO Possibiity to move action to another step

XRTwin 23.2.2 (Hotfix) (Nov. 2023)


  • IMPORT Fixed point cloud could not be imported in floating license mode
  • EDITOR Added progress pop up when saving a library element
  • EDITOR Created Escape shortcut for deselecting object
  • EDITOR Created a backup file when the saving process fails
  • EDITOR Fixed navigating in the hierarchy with keyboard arrows when focusing the scene view
  • EDITOR Deleted character limitation in object name
  • TOOLS Fixed deactivating Manipulation tool when activating Measure tool
  • SCENARIO Fixed actions others than Placing where not displayed in the task list

XRTwin 23.2.1 (Hotfix) (Oct. 2023)


  • EDITOR Fixed part shapes being recalculated when opening project
  • EDITOR Fixed error caused by dropping an object at the bottom of the hierarchy
  • EDITOR Fixed unphysicalizing a multiselection
  • EDITOR Repaired physicalize shortcut
  • EDITOR Fixed various UI bugs in scenario builder
  • IMPORT Added warning on 3D PDF file failed on import (PRC standard not supported)
  • VR Fixed menu laser disappearing when opening VR Menu
  • ERGO Fixed ergo player teleportation

XRTwin 23.2.0 (Sep. 2023)


  • CORE Massive performance improvement
  • CORE Possibility to merge objects to improve performance
  • EDITOR Possibility to unphysicalize on a multiselection of objects
  • EDITOR Check available space disk before duplicating a project or importing an asset
  • EDITOR Added 'show all objects' from top menu
  • EDITOR Possibility to deactivate environment (transparent background)
  • EDITOR Possibility to change a part origin (right click > Move origin)
  • EDITOR We now support single objects with several colors
  • EDITOR New factory environment (former factory has been renamed Warehouse)
  • LAUNCHER Added project size information
  • REPLAY New timeline design in replay module. It can be split into activities.
  • VR New VR Menu with features such as Teleport, Cutting plane, Drawing, Measure, Laser grab
  • VR Launching SteamVR only if a user of type VR is selected


  • EDITOR Optimized outdoor environment performance
  • EDITOR Export 3D file is now asynchronous and has a progress bar
  • EDITOR Deactivate possibility to resize player
  • EDITOR We can now snap objects on surfaces without feature (e.g. ground)
  • EDITOR Trunck to 3 decimals in float fields
  • EDITOR Added warning when deleting a project or unphysicalizing an object
  • IMPORT CAD model importer updated to 3.18
  • IMPORT CAD import properties : deactivate Quality field if format is a polygonal representation
  • PHYSICS Activated collision between constrained and fixed objects
  • PHYSICS Check if physics server is running before launching a simulation. Trigger user warning if server is not responding.


  • EDITOR Fixed bugs on hierarchy filters
  • EDITOR Disable property edition on a hidden object
  • EDITOR Duplicate with Shortcut CTRL+D
  • EDITOR Fixed duplication of large assemblies generating performance issues
  • EDITOR Copy/Paste color property
  • EDITOR Blocked ability to save while a simulation is running
  • EDITOR Fixed memory leak due to scene not being fully cleaned when closing a project
  • EDITOR Statistics : fixed color warning not being reset
  • EDITOR Statistics : hidden objects were not taken into account
  • LAUNCHER Fixed project properties not being saved
  • IMPORT Fixed scale in 3D import parameters
  • IMPORT Fixed bugs in import of library assets
  • POINT CLOUDS Handled files with unauthorized characters (accents)
  • POINT CLOUDS Save point cloud position after 'center on origin'
  • ERGO Calibration and score calculation of ergo user

XRTwin 23.1 (Apr. 2023)


  • EDITOR Added a Scenario builder to help you create worksequences and training scenario
  • EDITOR New snapping tool allowing precise object positioning
  • REPLAY Added VR session record and replay (replay files are accessible from the launcher view)
  • ERGO Motion capture is now operational. You can record postures and assess RULA score during simulation or with a session replay


  • ASSETS Updated CAD importer to version 3.16
  • EDITOR Trunk all float values to 3 decimals
  • UI Users can now drag files in the scene view to import
  • ERGO Automatically assign trackers to body parts without having to switch them on in a specific order
  • EDITOR Focus a hierarchy element when selecting an object in the scene view


  • ASSETS Resetting file path for assets (media and point cloud) when exporting or importing a project
  • UI Hierarchy items shifted to the right when selected from the scene view
  • EDITOR Fixed display of contact arrows (activated from Preferences pop up)
  • PHYSICS Protection when setting joint limits max and min values