Point cloud / 3D model comparaison

The 3D geometry can be any mesh model imported in Unity.
If you want to import a BIM model, like a Revit project, you can use Unity Reflect.
For any CAD import, you might want to have a look at Pixyz plugin.

To make a comparison between a point cloud and a 3D Geometry: Click on the STIPPLE Menu --> Tools --> Compare


Point cloud / Point cloud comparaison

Similarly to 3D model comparaison, you can compare point cloud together. This is useful when you want to detect changes between your project steps. You can follow what has changed since the last scan, and highlight these areas of interest.

Select two point cloud in your Unity scene.
Then click on STIPPLE Menu --> Tools --> Compare.


Minimum distance between your reference point cloud and the compared one will be computed for each point. This computation will be stored in the Point Cloud Field component.


This distance does not take into account inside/outside. This is an unsigned minimum distance.

Visualize comparaison results

When you successfully computed a comparaison with a point cloud or a mesh, you can visualize the differences using a color scale. In order to do this, go to the Point Cloud Field component.


Set the Field parameter to the Distance just computed.