INTERACT is a powerful platform to visualize and interact with your 3D CAD models in Virtual Reality. Our solution is based on the well-known game engine Unity3D. INTERACT allows to build immersives and physico-realistic experiences from your CAD models. It allows you to develop your own scripts to customize the solution for your own need.

VR at your fingertips with INTERACT

Create advanced real-time, human-centric simulations on any VR configurations for process validation, training, visualization, and safety analysis.

Detect errors before they happen with quick iteration and prototyping.


INTERACT paves the way to unlimited possibilities, allowing you to import your 3D models, visualize and interact with them. INTERACT features evolves as we developed our solution and with the different releases made by our team.

- Import 3D scans (point clouds)
- Scale 1:1 visualization (compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, CAVEs)
- Embedded physics engine (multi-body dynamics, collision detection, friction, kinematics)
- Advanced collision detection, even on complex models
- Natural interaction (directly manipulate your 3D objects with your own hands)
- Real time ergonomic assessment

Examples of simulations built with INTERACT SDK