Customer Service

Light & Shadows approach

Customer Support is the key to success.

It is essential to guide our client to the right solution and carry out their projects.

Raise awareness

First things first, L&S cares about providing its customers the best understanding of VR technologies, and how it applies to various fields.

1. What are VR/AR/3D technologies?

2. Why are these relevant for industrial companies?

3. Why so many have already invested in these technologies?

4. Workshop to find concrete customer's use case


We will help you figure out how VR/AR/3D could be integrated into each step of your process, and solve your business challenges of tomorrow.

1. Client business analysis

2. Use case storyboard creation

3. Definition of the technical Solution, ROI's Analysis, Industrialization


Agile methodology is key for our projects: from the early stages and iterations, the end user is part of the design process, in order to meet their needs, and satisfy their expectations.

1 - Development

Image 1 - Development

2 - Deliverable

Image 2 - Deliverable

3 - User tests

Image 3 - User tests

4 - Client validation

Image 4 - Client validation

Transfer skills

Afterward, we create automation tools, allowing our users to manage and add their own content. That way, our customers can update the solution independently. Once the project is completed, coaching is ubiquitous through training and associated support.

1. Creation of Process & Production tools for the customer

2. Training sessions

3. Maintenance and support